As awards season arrives, and the invitations start flooding in, and the flashbulbs start popping, it is time to shine a light on the supporting cast of your sartorial scene-stealing: the classic tuxedo, ruler of the formalwear roost.

Raja's red-carpet-ready Black Tie collection draws richly textured and seductively smooth fabrics from the world's most prestigious mills such as Ermenegildo Zegna and finely considered tailoring into an offering designed to put the "special" in special occasions, and carry you into the spotlight in style for an exceptional night to remember forever.

The epitome of Black Tie elegance, we pride ourselves on offering definitive chic from head to toe. Here’s what makes an A-list ensemble:

Simplicity & Sophistication

The classic tuxedo's sophistication lies in its simplicity: a single-breasted, one-buttoned, ventless jacket fashioned with a shawl collar in either jet black or midnight blue is the ultimate expression of formal elegance and charm.

An Air Of Gravitas

A double-breasted tuxedo jacket can add an air of gravitas to your look, but be prepared to have it buttoned all night. A open and dangling double-breasted tuxedo is untidy, and is certain to send champagne flutes flying!