In the ever-changing casualification of formal dress codes, a pair of tailor made trousers with a touch of personality have taken centre stage. They offer a throwback to the days when jeans weren’t the de facto king of legwear. This most sartorial of lower-half options is a versatile staple a gentleman can have in his wardrobe. Cropped to just the right point on the ankle and pleated to perfection, a good pair of bespoke trousers can make every outfit pop.

However, trousers are often hard to shop for as they are made to fit one specific silhouette. For example, the trouser you want to buy might have a big crotch or legs, or the waist is too tight. By having tailor made pants, you can get trousers made precisely to your personal preferences - relaxed and spontaneous with perfect cuts. At Raja Fashions, our bespoke trousers feature Ghurka waistbands and all friction points are reinforced to ensure longevity. We also encourage customisation options in fastening, pockets, belt hooks, etc.

Our Process - Crafting Truly One-Off Trousers

Exclusively tailored business suits require consultation from experts. Our bespoke experts in London introduce you to different fabrics and styles to choose from. We help you get a one-of-a-kind suit you can flaunt at your corporate events.

  • Measurements

    We determine a size that fits you well. This includes measurements of waist, hip/seat, front rise, back rise, thigh, knee, leg opening/hem, outseam, inseam, zip length.

  • Fittings

    We cut bespoke trousers to your exact specifications: featuring a silhouette that sculpts, tapers and pledges effortless comfort. Our fittings will leave you with a smile every time.

  • Delivery

    We deliver on what we promise - on time, right to your doorstep.

Exclusive Designs - Redefining Bespoke Pants with
Super Suave Styles

The right pair of bespoke trousers can enhance your masculine charm - if you choose the design that celebrates your individuality. At Raja Fashions, we provide notorious design options in tailor made trousers that will make a pleasant change from the traditional denim. So whether you’re heading to the office or going on a first date, our designs will fit the bill.

We also provide a variety of detailing options in our tailor made pants. So if you need high-waisted, with turn-ups, a flat front, relaxed-fit pleated, modern-fitting, tapered leg with pressed front creases, or options in fastening, pockets, or belt loops, our designs will assert your masculine credentials in every aspect.

Premium Fabrics

Having mastered the art of traditional tailoring, our trousers imbue a neat, polished feel, ticking all the boxes for comfort and style. To maintain our legacy, we use quality fabrics in trousers that will withstand a fair bit of rough and tumble and look good for a long time. We have a collection of the best fabrics for bespoke pants and trousers that are resistant to wrinkles, add a touch of personality, and are comfortable for all seasons.

At Raja fashions, you’ll have the chance to indulge in the softest Merino wools, classic tweeds, Irish linens, and sovereign cotton in every weight and weave. Moreover, you will enjoy a relaxed fit and utmost comfort in each of our fabrics as they are crease-resistant, shape resistant (not bagging at the knees, despite pressure), and endure neutral stretch.

Bespoke trousers at Raja Fashions drape cleanly, throwing a nice sharp line and retaining it as you walk, sit or stretch. In short, our premium fabrics, quality craftsmanship, and celestial styles define elegance, louche feel and egregious quantities of charm that you can’t resist.

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