Semiformal (Business)

Professional attire is the look that gentlemen wear in very professional environments. It's the uniform of lawyers, bankers, professors, Wall Street traders, and other business environments where decorum and professionalism are woven into the culture and fabric of the organization.

When a gentleman is dressed in professional attire, he's communicating that he is about taking care of some serious business. His outfit says that his focus is sharp, that he's intellectually capable, and he's intent about the work that needs to be accomplished. There is a high level of respect that comes with this look.

Navy is considered the power colour, but both grey and black also make strong business suits. A plain white shirt is always a great option but you can spice it up with textured shirts or small & inconspicuous designs like graph checks or pencil stripes. Blue, grey, & black are standard business colours for ties. Don’t feel limited as there are varying shades of blue and grey, and designs such as polka dots, stripes, and paisley are great ways to add more style without over doing it.

White, straight-fold handkerchiefs as a pocket square add a crisp and classic element to the overall look. Coloured pocket squares can work depending on the environment. Your shoes should be the same colour as your belt; brown or black. Again, shades of brown vary so there is still a lot of variety available. The safest bet is to stay with solid socks that match your trousers.