What makes a QUALITY custom tailored shirt?

What makes a QUALITY custom tailored shirt?

When purchasing men's customs tailored shirts, there are two aspects that you must take into consideration - fabric and fit.
For fabric, you are looking for a balance between hand feel, drape, and breathability. Hand-feel is how soft it feels to your hand and body. Drape is dependent on weight and texture. A good fabric is light yet not see-through. While you do want custom tailored shirts to be breathable, you want to make sure they carry the charismatic texture without creasing easily or getting wrinkled.
Fit is dependent on how tailor made shirts are cut. People don’t have a single uniform body shape, so readymade shirts generally don’t work well for most. This is where custom shirts are necessary, as it is crafted perfectly to be tailored exactly to your measurements and preferences.

How to select a custom shirt

For those new to men's custom tailored shirts and premium wear, it can be complicated to determine which bespoke shirt is best for you.

First, you must decide what occasion the custom tailored shirt is for: work, casual, party, or an event?

If it’s for work, it is essential to know the dress code. Can you dress bold? For conservative work environments, we suggest sticking to white and blue colours. As for the patterns, whether it be checked, pinstriped, plain, or dobby that’s up to you. For Bold – we have a full selection of striking/powerful shirting colours and patterns.

Darker shirting is suitable for a night out/parties, however digital prints work very well too and help you stand out from the crowd. If you are attending an event, do you plan on wearing custom tailored shirt with a jacket, suit or just by itself? If you plan on wearing bespoke shirt with a patterned suit, it is necessary to make a tailored shirt that is plain or has a less flashy pattern.

It is also vital to keep in mind what climate you will be wearing your bespoke shirt in. Generally speaking, lighter fabrics like linen are ideal for warmer climates, such as that in Hong Kong.

Select a style that matches your needs. Get measured through the Raja Fashions app or by booking an appointment at one of our trunks shows, where our professional stylist will guide you through the vast options available and help you pick a colour, fit, and style that suits you best.
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Not only do we provide top-quality suiting, but we also make premium bespoke custom-tailored shirts for men and women in Hong Kong and other parts of the world.