Shorts are an easygoing but stylish staple that keeps you comfortable even in the heatwave. Once, short pants were reserved only for beaches and sports pitches, but now shorts are regularly spotted in downtime gatherings, Disneyland, harbour cruises, etc. Tailor made shorts are now the style that works with everything in the oppressive summer heat, and you’ll want to wear them all day, every day.

At Raja Fashions - with a culmination of over 50 years of tailoring experience - we make short pants with some attractive details like foldover waistbands, belt loops, formal fabrics or added sophistication like cuff hems to make you feel smart. Our bespoke shorts are designed for modern men; they exude sobriety, style, attitude, and comfort.

Our Process - Crafting Truly One-Off Trousers

We invite you to choose the fabric and design of the trouser with personal styling details, so you get the perfect pair of trousers- just the way you want.

  • Fabric and Design

    We practice the traditions of the true ‘bespoke’ process and ask you to share your ideas regarding the design, fabric, and styling details you want in your bespoke shorts.

  • Measurements

    To fully understand your physical build, we measure the exact size to ensure a perfect fit. This includes measurements of waist, hip/seat, front rise, back rise, thigh, knee, opening/hem, zip length, outseam, inseam.

  • Fittings

    Noted measurements then translated into a work of art via our artistic and technical design expertise. Cloths are marked and cut to exact specifications to sculpt your silhouette to perfection, providing utmost comfort. We invite you to our store for a fitting, and if you need any minor tweaks, we’ll do it within a few days.

  • Delivery

    Shorts are completed over the course of a few weeks and then delivered on time, right to your doorstep.

The Fabrics of Our Bespoke Shorts

Since shorts are the abridged cousins of trousers, covering both legs but cropped higher up and worn in warmer weather to ensure comfort and airflow, the fabric used in bespoke trousers can be suitable for shorts.

Our bespoke shorts are made from lightweight, breathable, strong stretch, elite linen or cotton fabrics(sateen, twill, chambray, Denim etc.). Whether you want a seasonal wardrobe upgrade or escaping to sunnier climates, we have the right fabric in various colourways and patterns to suit your taste. The feel of each material is clean and crisp. Our exemplary collection of fabrics are comfortable, distinctive, and keep your look light but smart.

Our Tailor Made Shorts Cuttings

We cater to all the complicated areas (waistband, fly, or pockets) during the construction of shorts. Our tailor made shorts are not too tight or roomy. They fit slim (not skinny) - we leave an inch or two of fabric around your thighs that give you enough space to move during your summer holiday. Length-wise, we cut them a couple of centimetres above the knee, which is best for both your body temperature and dignity.