A crisp, form-fitting, full-fashioned shirt has crucial importance on the overall looks of your outfit. Unfortunately, an off-the-peg shirt (crafted for the mass market) is cut to an average size pattern, with wide sleeves, loose shoulders, and inappropriate armhole cut and torso. In short, it’s unlikely to be overly flattering.

Bespoke casual shirts will allow you to fine-tune the fit with your outerwear. Moreover, you’ll get the chance to customise the collar, stitching, or cuffs as per your style and preferences. At Raja Fashions, our bespoke shirts are made with high-quality fabrics and exceptional craftsmanship to ensure a perfect mix of style, fit, and comfort. So whether you are looking for a relaxed polo shirt or chambray for the weekend, we have got you all covered.

Our Process

  • Fabric and Design

    We listen to your ideas and guide you through the right design, fabrics, and cloth based on your styles to offer a flawless fit. Our style guides cater to all your specifications, from a particular monogrammed label to accent stitching.

  • Measurements

    We’ll observe your body’s curvature and angles closely. For example, if your one shoulder is lower, we measure both arms to make sure you get the exact length. We’ll also measure your armhole, hips, collar, sleeves, and chest size to get a perfect fit.

  • Fittings

    Our skilled seamstresses cut your hand-picked cloth masterfully, keeping in mind your specific requests, such as a meticulously shorter sleeve or wider collar and bringing the bespoke shirt together. Once you are satisfied with the fit, we’ll confirm your order for delivery.

  • Delivery

    Within 3-6 weeks, your casual tailored shirt gets ready to be delivered! Your measurements remain in our record, making your next order a breeze.

Our casual shirt fabrics

We offer premium quality, hand-picked fabrics to make durable bespoke casual shirts. With a selection of 10,000 cotton shirting fabrics, we can craft men’s tailored casual shirts in any style or for any event. Our fabrics come in a range of patterns such as herringbone, twill, poplin, Bengal stripes, checked, etc., to meet your style preferences. Moreover, our fabrics are wrinkle-free, have natural stretch, seamless shine, and quality that you embrace for ages, providing a profound definition to your outfits every time you drape them. In addition, they have a clear weave structure and a smooth feel, making them softer and lighter on the skin. So whether you need a light, breathable shirt to wear on a sunny day or a warm, body-hugging staple to wear on windy days, we have all kinds of fabrics to make you look and feel good in your outfit. We also stock SÖKTAŞ Turkish Cotton fabric to create pristine bespoke shirts.

Bespoke casual shirt styles and details

We ensure every piece is made to last while inducing an emotional connection with its wearer through a perfect combination of fabric and design. At Raja Fashions, we ensure every bespoke shirt is made perfectly, maintaining our decades of legacy. Our professional and skilled artisans pay close attention to details, sewing every piece to perfection. If you want subtle lapel styles, exquisite detailing in pockets, contrast stitching, hand-sewn buttonholes, or cleaner lines, we’ll create everything for you. Do you need button-down collars? Cut-away extreme? Cut-away modern? Mao? Slim cuff? Or a kind of waterfall shoulder? Just discuss your unlimited ideas with us.

Bespoke casual shirt pricing

Creating bespoke casual shirts allows you to express your personal style. But with luxury fabrics and custom detailing in tailored casual shirts, there come hefty price tags. At Raja Fashions, we offer a suitable pricing range for every budget. You can build your closet with one suit, one shirt, and one tie at a time, or you can upgrade it more quickly - all at a modest cost. So book an appointment today and get advice from our tailoring experts. They will suggest the best fabric, custom detailing, and styling ideas that fall under your very budget, allowing you to stay stylish every day without breaking the bank.