No matter who you are or how you like to dress, there will be times -a wedding day, a job interview, a romantic date – when only a properly structured suit will do. Suits should be flattering and sophisticated, giving you a sense of confidence and style. Taking the time to measure yourself for the best fitting suit can save you time and money, as well as ensure you get the appropriate size. What will you need? A measuring tape and a friend’s help to make the process as easy as possible. This guide will show you how to take your body measurements in only 10-15 minutes. If you follow these simple steps, you will be able to take the measurements like a tailor.

Before you start!

You should be wearing a fitted shirt or t-shirt and empty the pockets of your trousers. Do not wear loose clothes. When measuring the circumferences, keep the measuring tape horizontal.
Don’t pull the measuring tape tight, just snug.
Make sure to hold your tape from the right end to get the correct reading.
Avoid using the measurements of the garments you are wearing except for the back length.
For a more precise fit, take the measurements of both limbs circumference/length as body shape can be asymmetrical.
Take measurements more than once to double-check your work. As the saying goes, “measure twice, cut once”.
Below is a list of the 15 essential measurements and a few body build data that we need to know. Take your time to read our tips first.


Measure the circumference around your chest, with the tape beneath the armpits, in line with your nipples. Make sure to hold the tape horizontally. Relax your arms at your sides and breathe normally, so as to get a correct chest measurement.


Measure the circumference around your neck, with the tape slightly beneath Adam’s apple, making sure not to pull the tape measure tight. Insert a finger between the tape and your neck. Don’t stretch your neck and don’t draw your chin downwards, stand relaxed.

Shoulder width

Measure your shoulder width from the outside edge of the left shoulder, to the outside edge of the right shoulder. This time the tape shouldn’t be straight, it should follow the natural curve of your shoulder, touching the most prominent bone below your neck.

Arm length

Relax your arms and measure each arm separately. Start from where you ended the shoulder measuring, in other words the outside edge of the shoulder, and measure to your elbow. Continue to measure from your elbow to just below your wrist bone.


Relax your arms at your sides and wrap the measuring tape around the largest point of each of your biceps. Note down the biggest of the two.


Wrap the measuring tape around your wrist, just below your wrist bone. If you usually wear a watch, wrap the tape around the watch.

Back length

Measure from the base of your neck, to the back of your crotch. Or use the measurement of a jacket that fits you. Measure from the centre back seam of your jacket, without including the collar.


Relaaaaax and keep breathing. Don’t suck in your stomach! Wrap the tape around your stomach at your belly button level. Make sure to keep the tape measure horizontal.


Measure four fingers down from your belly button or where you like to hang your trousers.


Wrap the tape measure around your hips at the widest point keeping the tape measure horizontal.


Take off your shoes and stand with your legs slightly wide apart. Measure from the top of the waistline to the floor.


Measure from the highest centre point of the thigh (below the crotch line) to the floor, following the natural shape of the inside leg.


Measure from the waistline in the front to the waistline in the back.


Wrap the tape measure around your thigh just below your crotch and submit the largest value of the two. Make sure to keep the tape measure horizontal.


Wrap the tape measure around your knee.

Body Build

Choose your body type: normal, erect, forward, stooping, stout, hollow back Shoulder type
Choose your shoulder type: regular, sloped, square Stomach type
flat, regular, protruding Back type
straight, regular, curved

The Fit

Choose the fit you like the most: comfort, regular, slim.
Perfect fit
What if you didn’t take your measurements properly? Well, we will double check your submitted measurements and verify if they look right. If something doesn’t seem right, we will contact you to double check and fix them together..