The Winter Worship

The Winter Worship

Now that the colder weather is here, the first order of business is to keep warm. There's nothing stylish, after all, about blue lips and chattering teeth. Luckily, with an elegant bespoke overcoat, you won't have to skimp on style to keep that body temperature from dipping. Read below for a few simple do’s and dont’s to looking stylish in your overcoat this winter.

100% Natural Materials

While polyester nylon fibers can make a garment more durable (& affordable), they’re not as insulating as natural fibers such as cashmere, wool, or alpaca, and because of that, you should stay clear of them. They also don’t age as well and so 100% natural materials will always be your best bet.

Double or Single Breasted?

Do you seek versatlity or a dash of flair? Single breasted coats are the norm out there because of ther versatility, so a double breasted one will allow you stand out from the crowd with a dash of personality.

Don't Show Cuffs

With an overcoat, you want the sleeve to reach all the way down to the beginning of your thumb, that way, it gives a little room to move without letting in the cold air.


The Heavier, The Better

Look for heavier fabrics (about 420 - 570 gms) in an overcoat because they're much more forgiving, they don't show wrinkles as easily , and they'll keep you warm.

Avoid Zippers

An overcoat is a classic garment that is stylish, and as such, you should go with buttons.

Knee Length

The proper overcoat length can be very flattering to your look, and it should be proportional to your height. If you’re a shorter man, go with something that is knee length or slightly shorter. If you’re a taller man, go with something knee length or slightly longer.

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