Whether you're shopping for your first suit, or your closet is full of them, there's a few things to consider before purchasing one.

First and foremost, you want to be able to wear your suit more than once. It's fine to have a certain shirt or tie that's so unique, it rarely get's worn, but a good suit should provide versatility.

Secondly, a suit should be fitting for the weather. Yes, a classic wool suit will always look sharp, but it definitely won't feel comfortable when it's over 30 degrees outside.

Lastly, your suit selection should be well-rounded so that you can dress for any occasion. A suit for the office might not cut it for a fancy dinner party.

Before you go out and buy one sight unseen, make sure you have the essentials.

Here're our picks for the five suits every professional should own.

A Navy

It is sometimes said that the navy blazer is man's answer to the little black dress. It may be more accurate to say that it is actually the navy suit. When it comes to formal occaisons, nothing is as timeless. reliable, and if worn properly, guaranteed to make you look good.

A simple, good quality, 2 button navy suit can be dressed up for a wedding, kept formal for a job interview, or worn as part of your everyday work armor.

A Charcoal

If every man's first suit should be navy (it should), then his second suit should be in grey. And while a light shade will look a touch too "summery" for the colder months, charcoal hits that all year round sweet sopt perfectly.

Whatever shade you go for, a plain grey suit is the ultimate wardrobe workhorse and has the advantage of being easier to dress down than navy, which can feel a touch too formal for a more casual evenening.