A tailored business suit that fits just right is the most important wardrobe investment that always pays off. Whether it's a job interview, important presentation, and any other corporate event, it requires a man to show up in a suit. Raja Fashions will make sure that bespoke business suits reflect the individuality and grace of the wearer in the corporate environments.

Numerous clients trust us in London because we craft timeless silhouettes that fit to perfection. Whether you need a traditional English drape cut or a modern and fairly sleek silhouette, our tailored business suits will lend to a comfortable, sophisticated look. We work with each individual to create the perfect professional suit, considering all design expectations and satisfying particular tastes and discretion. With a textured finish, quality fabric, simplicity of the design, and slim fit, our tailor made business suits are unparalleled for the price - you'll keep calling on for decades

Tailoring Your Bespoke Business Suit

  • Consultation

    Exclusively tailored business suits require consultation from experts. Our bespoke experts in London introduce you to different fabrics and styles to choose from. We help you get a one-of-a-kind suit you can flaunt at your corporate events.

  • Measurement & Style

    We take measurements to assess your posture and bring out your best features in our bespoke business suits.

  • Tailoring & Fitting

    Our seamstresses get to sew your suits to perfection; after getting all the information, we need to tailor your suits. Then, we roughly stitch the pieces together for your first fitting to see how well the suit fits, how it hangs, and how it moves.

  • Final Fitting & Delivery

    Once we are done with the final fitting, alternation, and finishing, your business suit gets ready within 3-6 weeks. You are asked to visit our workshop in London for a final fitting. If you need alterations or slight adjustments, we'll do it within a few days to ensure you are fully satisfied with our tailoring.

Raja Fashions is known for its sartorial sharpness and is the home to some master tailors. Our experienced tailors nip and tuck your suit of choice until it fits like a glove as one-of-a-kind style. Our tailored business suits invoke the glamour of the classic age with sharp-cut, full chests, notch lapels, and neat waists. In addition, if you like strong shoulders, well-considered modern details and sophisticated elegance in your old-world business suit, Raja Fashions is the tailor for you. We make the fit of each suit functional and comfortable while keeping that crisp, polished look. We are pretty proud to say that 80% of our suit fittings are immaculate in the first shot. The moment when we exceed our clients' expectations when they see the final result is just gratifying.