Properly tailored jackets are transformative – they will accentuate your silhouette, elevate your look and add a touch of class to your style. But dress suit jackets are different from a regular outdoor jacket and require distinct fitting. For example, they should not hang from your arms, and the sleeves must end about a quarter to half-inch before the shirt sleeves. Only professional tailors catering to men’s fashion can sew this jacket with ideal figuration.

Raja Fashions give you the freedom to enjoy your personal style with comfort. We are renowned for creating unique sartorial styles for every physique with an uncompromising commitment to excellence. Our bespoke jackets are synonymous with regal quality, beyond perfect fit, and cultured style - you will look sculpted and well dressed whenever you wear them.

Our Process

  • Consultation

    You can visit our showroom or book online virtual consultation to discuss your design and style ideas. We’ll help you select the best fabric, design, and fit for your body structure. We have the innate ability to guide you to a final design that is truly special.

  • Measurements

    Our professional tailors take the measurements for armholes, sleeves, lapels, cuffs, length, etc., to make the ideal suit jacket for your body.

  • Creation

    Each piece of cloth is cut with care and precision, considering all the specifications. Then an entire canvas layer between the outer fabric and inner lining is sewn to give the jacket a polished structure.

  • Fittings

    A basic suit jacket will then be ready within three to six weeks, and we will call you for the first fitting. We’ll then make minor adjustments to get the suit jacket ready for the final fitting and delivery.

Tailored to your personality

Tailor made jackets even out all personal quirks of stature and posture and enhance your overall appearance. At Raja Fashions, we provide a perfect tailoring experience to our clients. We create bespoke jackets with a personal touch to make every man look and feel different in his unique style. We’ll give you the freedom to choose all the details of your suit: the buttons, the pockets, the lining, the fit, the stitching, colours, and much more. We stitch the interlining in a free-floating style to give your suit jacket its form and flawlessly mould to your body shape with wear. We also leave the excess fabric to make room for alterations as your body fills out over time. Our stitching, detailing in designs, and fits are entirely unique, leaving a special touch to our garments for a timeless look. So whether you are after something bright and bold, or a cool jacket for a summer night out, we make well-fitted suit jackets that flatter your figure and create a unique style complementing your personality.

Premium Fabrics

Fabrics play an essential role in giving the jacket its perfect form. We source smooth, sophisticated materials with a luxurious look and feel from the best mills in the world. Our fabrics cover a wide range of compositions and fibres; they are durable, crease-resistant, lightweight and comfortable to wear. We are proud to stock over 20,000 fabrics in a wide range of colours and patterns that match your seasonal/occasional needs and budgets. If you need a light wool jacket for the boardroom or a tweed jacket for cocktail parties, we have the choice of cloth for every occasion. We’ll guide you to decide on the perfect material for bespoke jackets that exude charm. So, if you want to hit all the right sartorial notes, explore our collection today.