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When a woman says, “I have nothing to wear”, what she really means is “I have nothing to wear for who I need to be today”. As one of the few tailoring houses that is truly passionate about women’s tailoring, House Of Raja offers the same high-quality craftsmanship and rigorous attention to every detail when providing the same level of bespoke suit tailoring services for high-powered women that we do for our male clients. From female business suits and work suits for women to blouses and formal suits for ladies, Raja’s tailored clothing for professional women is flexible and adapted to befit the style of the individual.

From the classically simple to the gloriously complex, we approach each commission as a unique design project, collaborating closely with our clients to produce something exceptional. Dedicated to the business and professional sectors, as well as catering fluently to those who simply appreciate beautiful handiwork, we are adept at creating handcrafted tailored formal business suits for ladies suits that flatter, inspire and fit each woman perfectly while personifying her natural beauty. For a polished and elegant working wardrobe that will help you exude confidence and class, tailor your formal suits, business suits, blouses, jackets, dresses, skirts, and trousers with Raja Fashions as we perfectly capture the essence and quality handicraft associated with bespoke ladies tailoring.

Exquisite Blouses & Business Suits for Women
Exquisite Blouses & Business Suits for Women

Exquisite Blouses & Business Suits for Women

When it comes to seasonal and trend-driven garments, many women reach for off-the-rack clothing for the wide variety of choices and latest styles. But, for something as timeless and universal as formal suits for women, an impeccably tailored suit crafted around all unique body types makes a world of difference – and can transform them into wardrobe essentials that will last for years to come. When women wear a suit that fits properly, their confidence will shine through in everything they do, be it for work, formal occasions, or special events.

At Raja Fashions, our womenswear specialists will offer advice on the best type of fabrics, colours, styles and fit to ensure our ladies tailored suits complement and flatter any woman’s physique. With tailoring, you can learn and develop a deep-rooted understanding and appreciation for the creation and benefits of quality clothing. What makes formal business suits for women more appealing is knowing that even if your much-desired piece doesn’t quite fit you, we can make the necessary alterations and help create the sartorial statement of your dreams. Whether you would like to design a new tailored ladies’ business suit, blouse, skirt, or trousers, or perhaps would like to put the finishing touches on your existing formal or business suits, our master craftsmen can help design the perfect suit that best accentuates your personality, budget and lifestyle.

Exquisite Blouses & Business Suits for Women

The journey starts, naturally, with you. Your tastes and requirements will be discussed and elaborated upon during the initial consultation. A tailoring consultant will offer advice and ideas based on your lifestyle and personal preferences before taking precise measurements for the intricate pattern-cutting process. All our business suits for women are handmade in Hong Kong by master craftsmen who are trained to the highest standard in time-honoured Savile Row technical and artistic practices. The high-touch process usually requires two or three fittings to ensure perfection, and possibly a little fine-tuning towards the end. A tailored women’s suit from Raja Fashions will undoubtedly enhance your best features, flatter your physique, and fit perfectly. This is what we at House Of Raja work towards with every client and why we are the premier choice when it comes to crafting exceptional tailored formal suits for women, business suits for women and blouses in Hong Kong.

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The Process

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