Shirt Tales by Charlie Porter
Shirt Tales by Charlie Porter
Mar 27, 2019
British fashion journalist, Charlie Porter, reviews a Raja London trunk show for The Guardian:

"I am the master, I'm Raja you know," booms Raja Daswani, co-owner of Raja Fashions, which claims to be the largest tailor in Hong Kong. Forty-two-year-old Daswani, who this week took an order of six shirts for Tony Blair, is in his temporary atelier, a suite at London's Sheraton Park Tower hotel. He is striding over to his next customer, minutes after emailing his last sell (£900 for a couple of sports jackets, some trousers, a suit and two shirts, all bespoke) to his warehouse in Hong Kong, where his clothes are cut, stitched and mailed out in four weeks. Around the suite there are more clients waiting. 

"I never mention names," says Daswani, who refuses to confirm Tony Blair's three blue and three white Sea Island cotton shirts at £35 each, the measurements apparently taken from one of Tony's old shirts. "I supply the Who's Who of London, but in my business it's confidential."

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