How to pick the perfect fabric for a suit
How to pick the perfect fabric for a suit
Aug 20, 2021
Picking the best fabric for suits is no easy task. Here’s a comprehensive guide by Raja Fashions that looks at various types of fabrics, colours, and patterns.

The dilemma – are you picking the best quality fabric for your suit?


Suits echo the personality of the person wearing them - emanating style, class, grandeur, and an air of debonair. But there exists a dilemma for many people who enjoy the intricate qualities and richness of a fine tailor-made suit. They are often confused or unsure about which fabrics are the best to craft the most elegant suits. Many of them are also unaware of the wide range of choices they have when it comes to suit fabrics. With that in mind, let’s delve into the colourful and diverse depths of the best fabrics for suits. 

The difference between ‘excellent’ and ‘excellence’ – what makes certain types of suit fabrics stand out?


First and foremost, it is imperative to know the difference of which fabrics make a suit just look good and which ones really elevate it to another level of class and opulence. At Raja Fashions, our fabrics cater to the latter as we want our customers looking suave and dapper, and turning heads for all the right reasons. 

Usually, suits are 100% pure wool and fit the bill for most occasions. But, there are many sub-categories of wool that people may not have heard about. Cashmere and mohair are two of the highest quality wools that are occasionally used for suits. Out of the two, cashmere has a higher price tag since the process to obtain it is incredibly labour intensive. It is also soft and lightweight, making it an excellent insulator to keep you warm without weighing you down.

In addition to our fine selection of wools, we also offer blends of our best quality fabrics for suits. These include wool with cashmere, linen, and silk. With our range of fabrics being plentiful, we guarantee we can satisfy everyone’s taste, no matter how casual or regal. 

The creation process – how are certain suit fabric materials made?

There’s a vast sea of options when it comes to the different types of men and women’s suit fabrics. From top of the line choices like cashmere to more commonly used fabrics like wool and cotton, Raja Fashions has it all. But, how are certain fabrics made, and what causes the significant differentiation in price? 

Cashmere: Let’s use the Rolls-Royce of fabrics as a starting point. Cashmere comes from goat hair and, as mentioned, it’s a long and arduous process to obtain it and transform it into a fine-quality fabric for suits. But, it’s worth the hefty price tag as it is soft, lightweight, wrinkle resistant, and hypoallergenic, meaning it is unlikely to cause skin allergies. 

Mohair: Both lustrous and strong, it stems from a similar process as it is shorn from Angora goats twice a year before being cleaned and spun. It is then either knitted or weaved to create a fabric that is as warm as wool but lighter. Mohair suits are ideal for those who need to don premier quality suits when travelling. 

Wool: Like cashmere and mohair, wool is also derived of an animal – in this case, sheep. It is then spun into yarn and woven on a loom to create the fabric that is used for suits. Lambswool is the royalty of all wools as it is taken from baby lambs when they are first sheared. It’s a luxurious and soft fabric, making it optimal for suits. For a more high-end suit, there is nothing grander than worsted wool. 

Cotton: Very soft and breathable, it originates from the cotton plant and is deseeded and cleaned before being carded, spun, and woven into fabric that can be used. 

Linen: Another popular fabric, it comes from cellulose fibres that grow in the stalks of flax plants. It is very strong, absorbent, and dries faster than cotton, making it the perfect cool and refreshing fabric for suits in places like Hong Kong, where the weather is extremely hot and humid. 

Silk: Obtained from the silkworm’s cocoon, one single yarn of this radiant and soft fabric can range from 300 to 900 meters in length.  

Brand new look – What brands offer the best suit fabrics?


An endless number of options exist regarding the brands that offer the best suit fabrics. The path to finding the optimal one is filled with many twists and turns, but it is essential to choose wisely as a flawless suit must tell the story of the intricacies behind all aspects of its crafting, from the fabric to the colours and patterns. In essence, it is the perfect blend of exquisiteness and refinement. 

Guabello is one of the classiest brands when it comes to suit fabrics. The Italian specialists have perfected their craft over two centuries since being established in 1815, and offer fabrics for both elegant and casual occasions. 

Ermenegildo Zegna, another Italian powerhouse, has been producing suit fabrics since 1910 that are ostentatious, of the highest quality, and exude nobility and excellence. 

Finally, Raja Fashion’s in-house wool is an art form in a league of its own. Everything is done by hand and our craftsmanship serves as an insignia of our passion, commitment, and care to create stellar suit fabrics that have a special and unique personal touch impossible to find anywhere else. 

Colourful choices – What colours do we recommend for suit fabrics?

From bold and vivid to refined and sophisticated, the colour spectrum for suit fabrics is limited only by the imagination. The aim is to have a fusion of pure class and the latest fashion, but hitting that sweet spot is by no means easy. We usually recommend navy blue and charcoal as they are the most versatile colours and are ideal for any occasion. Medium tones of blue and lighter greys are also safe options. 

However, we encourage our customers to take a leap of faith at times and venture into uncharted territory by opting for bolder colours and patterns when choosing the best fabrics for suits. 

Posh pattern – What are the best patterns for suit fabrics?

Along with the crème de la crème of fabrics, the right patterns can uplift a suit and emanate a real taste of style and flair. Obviously, there are a variety of different patterns available for different types of suit fabrics, but below are some of the ones we consider to be the gold standard. 

    • Houndstooth

    • Herringbone

    • Pinstripe

    • Glen Check / Prince de Galles

    • Nailshead

    • Chalk stripe

    • Windowpane

    • Plaid

    • Birdseye

The Raja’s choice – What dashing suit fabrics do we recommend?

At Raja Fashions, we offer over 20,000 fabrics that can all be used to craft tailor-made suits for any occasion. Throughout our longstanding heritage and lineage, we have seen all types of suits made, so it ultimately depends on what fabrics, colours and patterns appeal to you, and what kind of occasion you need the suit for. 

Choose wisely – Which fabric best suits you?

No boundaries apply when it comes to masterminding your ideal suit. An endless range of choices exists from the point of picking the fabric to the colour spectrum and simplistic or intricate patterns. Remember, a suit is an expression of your personality, so let your imagination run free and we at Raja Fashions will ensure that your perfect suit goes from a mere dream to reality right before your very eyes.