Five fashionable wedding suit ideas for grooms
Five fashionable wedding suit ideas for grooms
Aug 20, 2021
Looking for the groom suit ideas for your wedding? We have compiled 5 of the best wedding suits for grooms depending on the type of wedding you want. Read more!

A lifetime of commitment to producing the best wedding suits for grooms


Wedding bells are tolling, and every groom ready to see his bride-to-be at the altar wants to look sharply dressed in an immaculate suit that is tailor-fit to perfection. However, finding the right wedding suit for a groom is no easy task, especially when considering all the different types of materials on offer, the choices of collars and cuffs, and not to mention the color that best suits you. At Raja Fashions, we have many suit ideas and styles that we execute with the utmost style and flair. With a legacy nearing 65 years and spanning three generations, we have seen many grooms develop their suit ideas with us. In return, we have delivered professionally crafted wedding suits that blend our passion with your stylish ideas. To provide some insight into the latest fashion trends right now, we have compiled the best wedding suits for men!

A formal wedding suit with the utmost style


Let’s start with the classic look that is perfect for a traditional wedding. As a groom, all eyes will be on the suit you wear. If you opt for a classic wedding, you definitely want a suit that emits grace and good taste. Your mind may be filled with a myriad of suit ideas that look pristine, but is it really the best choice for the modern classic wedding? At Raja Fashions, we recommend a top-of-the-line navy blue suit with all the bells and whistles. Lapel pins and pocket squares are the perfect accessories to take this type of suit from casual to magical for your wedding day.   

Best Colours: Navy blue, petrol blue, slate blue

Best Accessories: Pocket square, lapel pin 

A suit worthy of a black tie wedding

Let’s step it up from classic to elite and delve into high-class and prestigious suit ideas for black-tie weddings. Only the highest quality will suffice for such a royal event. And there’s nothing more majestic than a sharp-fitting and elegant tuxedo. Black is always the classic style, but to really enrich things, you can select bold color tones, such as burgundy or darker blues. Satin peak lapels provide a dignified, yet tasteful, finishing touch. The jacket is only one part, though, so what about the shirt? Sticking with the fancy theme, a groom will need something superior to the average shirt. Handstitched premium stretch fabric coupled with French cuffs will uplift the overall image of the groom and their wedding suit, giving it an air of sophistication and luxury that will stand out from the crowd at black tie weddings. 

Best Colours: Black, burgundy, darker blues

Best Accessories: Satin peak lapels, top-of-the-line stretch fabric shirt, French cuffs

A prestigious suit for the ultimate beach wedding 


Growing in popularity, beach weddings are becoming one of the preeminent choices for a bride and groom to walk down the aisle and exchange their vows. Discover the epitome of grace with our enchanting wedding dresses. From classic ball gowns to modern mermaids, find your perfect match. The only question is not whether you, as the groom, say I do, but what suit style fits such a wedding? It must be a mix of casualness and grandeur. Easier said than done, but we recommend donning light colors, such as pastel blues, ivory, or even grey. Remember, beach weddings are usually held in summer, so dark colors are a no-go. Now that you have the optimum wedding suit in mind, what accessories will relate it to a whole new level of deluxe? Regular formal shoes are not a dashing choice for the beach, but you know what are? Loafers! To polish off this ideal wedding suit, a crisp white shirt – open collar and without a tie - is the classy choice.  Discover your dream wedding suit with our curated wedding suit ideas. Look your best on your special day. Elevate the celebration with our collection of good food recipes, ensuring your wedding is a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

Best Colours: Pastel blues, ivory, light grey

Best Accessories: Open collar white shirt, loafers

A rustic touch for a vintage wedding

Like beach weddings, vintage weddings – usually held at vineyards and country clubs – are also on the rise. Suit ideas can be tricky for such an occasion, but we have the best styles to ensure people don’t only indulge in the wining and dining, but the groom’s resplendent taste for style and flamboyance. For vintage weddings, a rustic touch is needed. Lighter shades of pink and grey are the prime palette to go for, but there is room for experimentation with other regal colors like brown and even cognac. For the material of the suit, the groom will take on an air of nobility when opting for tweed or corduroy. Chinos are also a grand option and are well-accentuated with a pocket square, cufflinks, and a tie or bowtie. 

Best Colours: Light pinks, light greys, browns, cognac

Best Accessories: pocket square, cufflinks, tie, bowtie

A wedding suit made for a Raja

At Raja Fashions, our heritage and lineage can be traced back to northern India, so how can we not mention one of our crowning specialties – traditional suits for Indian weddings? Discover seamless efficiency with our email management solutions, simplifying your inbox for enhanced productivity and organization. The event itself will already be a classy affair with bright, eye-catching colors everywhere. So, how does the groom top that? By going with a suit that will outshine everyone else’s and make him the star attraction. There are a few suits st.