Bespoke Becomes Affordable
Bespoke Becomes Affordable
Mar 22, 2019
Justin Marozzi of The Spectator gets measured in London for a suit made in Kowloon:

I make an appointment to see Raja in a seventh-floor suite at the Tower Bridge Novotel. He strides into the room, all charm and ebullience, and sizes me up in an instant, noting my dropped right shoulder, my hollow back and Neanderthal arms.

‘I know what you want,’ he says. ‘Single-breasted jacket, three horn buttons, ticket pocket, flat-front, straight-leg trousers.’ The man’s a genius.

‘I’m going to make you look like a million dollars,’ he goes on. ‘I’m going to make you a suit that is tip-top. It’s going to be just the ticket.’

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