BBC Features Raja Fashions
BBC Features Raja Fashions
Mar 26, 2019
James Arnold, business writer for the BBC, profiles Mr. Raja Daswani and Raja Fashions in "Hong Kong's Travelling Tailor":

Even more luckily, Mr Daswani's main competitors - the venerable names of Savile Row and Jermyn Street - seem oddly hamstrung.

Quite apart from price, Mr Daswani says, they have a lot to learn about customer satisfaction.

"They try to tell the customer what to wear," he says.

"But we'll make anything you want, any way you want; we're not proud."

Mr Daswani's more democratic approach, he feels, has helped bring made-to-measure tailoring to a wider audience.

City boys and politicians - including, it is rumoured, Tony Blair - still make up the bulk of his clientele, but a growing percentage are twentysomethings on moderate incomes

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