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Since 1957

Tradition & Excellence

From the initial cutting to the final ironing phases, Raja's master tailors impart expertise to all the steps that bring a Raja suit to life, rendering it an unmatched creation and an emblem of the expertise handed down from 3 generations.
Established in Hong Kong in 1957, the family-owned business has since spread across the globe including the House of Lords and Downing Street, along with its expansion into major cities across the world.

Women’s Bespoke Tailoring


Raja offers the same high-touch bespoke tailoring services for high-powered female clients that we do for our male clients. Raja’s tailoring for professional women is very flexible and adapted to the individual. A women’s tailoring experience with Raja starts with selecting the finest fabrics and materials, choosing the styles and cuts that will flatter your physique, and discovering tailoring techniques that will result in a garment crafted exactly to your measurements and personalised details inside and out.
For a polished and elegant working wardrobe that will help you exude confidence and class, personalise your female suits, blouses, jackets, dresses, skirts, and trousers.