How do I get a Suit or Shirt made?

Getting a Bespoke suit from Hong Kong has never been this easy. The process is simple and efficient.

1. Book an appointment with us here.

2. When you come for the appointment, our tailors will discuss your requirements and show you fabric swatches which we carry with us. We have over 20,000 fabric swatches with us. But don’t worry; we will help you pick the best fabric as per your requirements.

3. Once we know the fabric, we will discuss the style of the garment. How many buttons on the Jacket? Pleated trousers or flat fronts? Collar style of the shirt? All these questions and more will be discussed in the meeting. We will give you our opinion as well so you can make an informed decision.

4. Detailed measurements will be taken at this time. We take over 25 measurements for better fit and take digital photographs of the customer. These photographs are used to determine the body posture, shoulder shape and any other details. These photographs are put up on the tailors desk while the suit is being made to determine the shape and cut of the Suit as per the customer’s body.

5. The order is emailed back to Hong Kong where the fabric is cut right away and handed over to the tailor for further processing. Once the garments are finished and quality checked, they are shipped back to the customer. It usually takes 4-6 weeks’ time to ship. In case of ordering in Hong Kong, the next fitting is usually the following day.

6. The garments can either made to finish or in a ‘Basted’ form depending on the customer’s preference. For basted suits, another appointment needs to be made for a fitting. The garment is then sent back to Hong Kong for completion and mailed back to customer within 2-3 weeks’ time. For a finished suit, the customer can come back if any alterations are required or if one needs a second opinion. All fittings and alterations are free of cost.