NYT - His Mission: Freeing Men From the Rack

His Mission: Freeing Men From the Rack

Published: November 22, 2005

Like any self-respecting tailor, Raja M. Daswani believes that clothes make the man. Unlike some of his competitors, however, Mr. Daswani believes that clothing can also drive the course of human events.

Take the dot-com boom. Indifferently dressed techies reset the business world's dress code, unleashing a tidal wave of khaki that swamped investment banks and law firms alike. But the boom busted, in part, Mr. Daswani believes, because the techies dressed like slobs.

"The way to have discipline is to have disciplined clothes," Mr. Daswani said. "People weren't serious. They took everything for granted. They had kids in flip-flops and everything."


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