The Times of India - Bill Clinton’s suit has an Indian gene

 India is the next hot market, say Hong Kong's famed Indian pop-up tailors who dress David Beckham and Prince CharlesNona Walia tracks the extraordinary fashion story of bourgeois bespoke suits, whose origins lie somewhere between the agony of Partition and the rise of Communism.

Raja Daswani travels for nine months of the year. He is the man David Beckham, Prince Charles and Lakshmi Mittal call when they crave a bespoke suit. Following India's Partition, Daswani's grandfather moved to Hong Kong from Mumbai in 1950. "The British set up base there, creating a demand for fine tailoring. The Chinese, although masters at it, didn't speak English. It was a moment of great opportunity," says the man behind Hong Kong's biggest made-to-order business, Raja Fashions, and proud recipient of the Best Citizen Award.

The absence of taxes made it easier to import fabrics, catapulting the city-state on China's south coast into a tailoring capital. When Mao Zedong took over China in 1949, some of Shanghai's best tailoring families fled from the grip of Communism, relocating here and quickly absorbing Western fashion trends.

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